Child's Play

Just simple, colorful games for the under fives

Child's Play is an app that is literally bursting at the seams with fun games for the under fives, available now on iOS and Android. Young children will delight in tapping the screen to join in with the simple and colorful games, whether they be popping bubbles, tapping open a piƱata, or launching beautiful fireworks above a storybook village at night.

Child's Play has been designed specifically for the under fives. There is no reading required, and young children will love being able to join in without any help from mom or dad. There's no violence, no failure and no tears - just fun games that pre-schoolers can pick up and play.

Press pack

Arithmetic Genius

Boost your child's confidence with mathematics

Arithmetic Genius is a new way to practise arithmetic, and boost your child's confidence with mathematics.

Students find numeracy challenging because there is insufficient focus in schools on learning and memorizing number facts. This means that many children lack the confidence to answer number problems, don't have faith in their own answers, or become 'lost' in the detail of a calculation.

This app has been designed to remedy that problem. When used in short, sharp bursts for just 5 minutes a day, Arithmetic Genius will quickly boost students' confidence and mathematical ability. The key here is to practise a little and often - the app will build on what has previously been learned, and revisit any areas of difficulty.


Arithmetic Genius for Addition and Subtraction:


Arithmetic Genius for Multiplication and Division:


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We are Happy Mongoose Games, and we were formed under the directions of a wise owl, who was sure he knew what he was doing. Time has proven him wrong. Our mission statement for today is: to defeat the hairy toes of naivety by greasing the cogs of client-corporate relations.

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We also made a program for PC's. It features a quoting panda who generates upwards of twenty witty quotes about children and parenting. Download it if you like, but it's not very good.

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We also wrote a Corona SDK plug-in called IAP Badger.
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